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Peter & Shannyn's Career Capsule
Peter Brooks - began his radio career in High School, worked the first 5 years in secular radio and managed his first station at the age of 21. He started with FLR in 1977 and has been a drive time host and station manager in Mason, MI, Albuquerque NM and Midland, MI.

Shannyn Caldwell - also began radio in High School, working overnights at WJNR in Iron Mountain. She worked in secular radio for 17 years and hosted shows on Rock, AC, Hot AC CHR and stations before accepting Christ in 2002-which prompted her move to the CCM format. She's been an MD and PD in Detroit MI where she hosted a solo Christian Morning Show before coming to FLR.


1. How has your show evolved or changed over the last few years?

As a very new show, we don't have much in our "rear view mirror." The biggest change has been in moving from a regional show to a national broadcast.


2. How important is social networking to Christian Radio personalities?

We can't speak to the importance to other radio personalities, but for us, it's as important as it is to our listeners. It's another avenue with which we can connect with them and direct them to Christ and for that reason it holds some importance.


3. What show topics seem to be hot right now?

What  is important to the listener is what's important for us to bring to the air. While the topic may have a connection to the "daily buzz", the key issues for us are the things which continue to be top of mind when the "buzz" fades or shifts. We focus on faith, family, health, finances, and relationships. If we can't use it to direct people to the cross, we don't use it.


4. What can Christian Radio do to develop young talent?

Take risks, be aggressive in the development of internships and mentoring programs and invest in the training and development of air staff. The industry has moved away from where we both got our start (overnight in small markets). HD and internet radio may be excellent horizons on which to develop young talent.


5. What kind of promotions work best for Christian morning shows?

In one sense, the same thing works on secular radio as does for Christian radio. It has to be compelling (either entertaining or inspiring). They connect emotionally.  The most successful promotions we find connect with the listener and her fundamental desire to be part of something bigger than herself.


6. Do you use any show prep services. tell why or why not?

We have one service at the moment, but we don't lean on it. For us, our lives, our families, our churches and children are the best show prep. We check several website for content, but find that the best daily content hands down, comes from our Bible, our babies and our listeners.


7. What are the biggest obstacles facing Christian air personalities today?

We try not to look at it like that. We know that we can do "all things though Christ who strengthens us." And joyfully open the mics to give Him glory.


8. Do you think there will be more or less syndication in the future of Christian radio?

We agree, there will probably be more, or less syndication in the future.


9. What (if any) Christian radio shows do you consider as innovators today?

Shannyn really likes "Taking a Minute" with Jason Anderson.


10. Where do you see Christian morning radio in 5 years?

We think that for the most part, we see it between 6-10 am Eastern Time




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