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Jason Sharp

Education Track Chair

Christian Music Broadcasters


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Jason's Career Capsule
Since graduating from Olivet Nazarene University in 1993, Jason Sharp has devoted his lifeís work to the calling that God placed on his heart at the age of 13.  While serving in various roles along the way, Jasonís journey has led him to Christian radio stations in Delaware, Virginia, Louisiana, Tennessee and Minnesota. He is currently serving as Station Manager at KTIS-FM in Minneapolis/Saint Paul. 

Jason, and his wife, Julie, have been married for 15-years and they have two children.

1. How did you get involved with CMB & Momentum this year?

Iíve been involved in working with a team to provide education for CMB for the past three years. Prior to that, I was on the Steering Committee that provided the education for GMA Week and I was able to be a part of that for several years.


2. What is your role in putting Momentum together?  

I am the Education Track Chair again this year at Momentum. That means that I helped put together a team of creative and hard working people to book and schedule speakers and topics to be covered at Momentum. That team included: Carol Ellingson from WPOZ, Brittany Whatley from KSBJ, Jeff Scott from WBGL, Scott Herrold from SOS, Morgan Wood and Keith Stevens from KTIS, Scott Michaels from KDNW and the infamous Grant Hubbard from EMI CMG.


3. How would you describe Momentum 2011?  

If this yearís event is as successful as it has been teed up to be, it would be best described as authentic.


4. Why should someone in Christian Radio attend Momentum?  

This is the premiere event for our industry! We are all in this together and frankly, we need each other. The opportunity to learn from and fellowship with those within our industry, and those without, is an opportunity that one should try to be a part of. I think that often times, itís easy to feel ďaloneĒ in what we do. Our jobs can be grueling, difficult, and tough. We need encouragement from our peers and Momentum is a great place to get reenergized.


5. What are some of the highlights for Momentum 2011?  

Our theme is ďFrom the Inside Out.Ē We will be hearing from brilliant people from within our industry this year that we have never heard from before. These people are knocking it out of the ballpark and itís time that they be heard and share what God is doing through them and their ministries. In addition, there will be a spiritual component to this yearís event. We will take a look at how each one of us are doing spiritually and challenge our attendees to grow.


7.  6. What can be expected at the educational sessions this year?

Here are a few highlights that you can expect from the education at Momentum: 

∑         Rich Dunham/Dunham+Company - Rick has served the nonprofit sector for over 30 years providing strategic counsel in direct response marketing and fundraising and organizational management and development. Rick speaks to us on how to discover true security in turbulent financial times.

∑         Leon Wirth/Executive Director of Parenting & Youth at Focus on the Family - Most of us recognize that today's moms are stressed.  But do we really understand what's making moms anxious in the busyness of the day?  Most of us know that moms are responding to the economy by pinching pennies wherever they can.  But have we grasped what the real-life impact on moms is in these tight times?  And most of us know that moms want family time and togetherness.  But have we fully comprehended what "together" now means for her?  We'll explore some surprising "a-ha" moments that Focus on the Family research has unearthed and give practical tips on how to minister effectively to this important audience segment.

∑         Jeremy Hilton/VP Media MindComet Orlando - Facebook is the world's most widely adopted social media platform and as a marketing tool has proven to be very effective. However, many Fan Page owners don't realize that there is a significant chance that their Fan Page messaging is being missed by a large number of their fans. We'll show you easy to implement tactics that will increase fan engagement and ultimately extend the reach of your Fan Page messaging.

∑         Todd Isberner/ShareMedia - You've heard of, ďAre You Smarter Than a 5th Grader,Ē but as a listener supported station, are you smarter than your donor? We make appeals via Pledge Drives, direct mail, e-blasts, etc...usually from the inside out. Meaning we think we know what we should say when making an appeal and how and when...but are we just second guessing our listeners? What do they want to hear and see before they are motivated to respond?  We did some research to see what they prefer. So let's find out how you compare!



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