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Frank's Career Capsule
I started radio while in college studying music.  I eventually left college (with 18 hours left in my degree) for a full time radio gig and really never looked back.  I spent several of the early years as a CHR jock and eventually APD/ PD at a couple stations before jumping into full time Production as Production Director at KHFI in Austin, TX in 1988, then the same role at LBJ Broadcasting before making the move to Bill Young Productions for nearly a decade as a voice talent/producer/studio manager. From there we were brought on as Director of Creative Services for K-LOVE Air 1 in 2003, until earlier this year.


1. Most recently you were at EMF, tell us about your position there and what you were responsible for?

Director of Creative Services. The family and I moved to Rocklin, CA from Houston TX in 2003 to setup the Creative Services department for the fast –growing K-LOVE and Air 1 radio networks. At the time the local station count that we were doing regular production for was about 30 stations. The work ranged from local event announcements to community calendars to legal IDs, etc. I was brought on to primarily handle all things audio. In 2011, when I left, the station count was up to over 300 stations, I was managing 12 person team including All Audio, Video for web and in-house, Traffic Scheduling and Billing, as well as all station media asset storage and archive. I designed software for managing all of the orders, copy, assignments, liner cards and more. We were responsible for quality control, creative development, as well all of the contract talent on board.

With regard to my leaving EMF, generally speaking, I can say God has us all in the palm of His hand, and in Him, there are distinct seasons of life. For me, EMF was a season for us. I have good memories from having been there, a sense of great accomplishment, leaving behind a department and team members who I helped train who continue doing great work because of the work I was part of. That makes me smile when I think about it. K-LOVE and Air 1 have a reach into places we'll never hear about on this side. To know that I may have had a small part, humbles me. I so appreciate having been given the opportunity for the 7 1/2 years I was there.


2. How do you stay focused during this time in your career of seeking a new opportunity?

That's a million dollar question. I wish I knew how to stay focused these days. It's difficult when juggling finances and making sure we're going to make it this month. One important thing for me is to remain hopeful. Without hope it would be impossible. It's all about God's purpose really. Not my will but His. I must decrease.  I also try to find funny things to laugh at. Humor is a good medicine. Life is short enough.


3. What is your typical day like while seeking new employment?

Do you really want to know this? ( LOL ) Experts say to dress as if you are going to work every day. I will have to admit that I haven't bought into that one yet. I work in my home studio for now. Seriously a lot of time is spent networking, blogging, and using professional job sites, sending resumes, mp3s. I also do a lot of voice auditioning, music work, and occasional pro bono work.


4. What creative ways have you used to get potential employers attention?

I typically do the standard well-planned cover letter/resume. I've received some call backs. Some were fits, many were not. It's tough out there.

On the other hand, If my job search were a nothing-barred 'fantasy-league' I would probably do some shameless plugging: "HIRE ME! FRANK SCALES 916.543.6622" "MY CREATIVITY – YOUR MONEY!" or "WHY HAVEN'T YOU CALLED ME YET?" Something like that….


5. Generally speaking, how do GM's and PD's receive you as you search for your next position?

Honestly, they have been very empathetic and courteous. They feel the weight of economy probably more than most and know how difficult it is for someone in my situation. I have received several emails from guys who say they are praying for us, a few who have put out feelers for us, and a former manager who has sent a little freelance my way from time to time. I'm grateful for all of it.


6. Do you feel there is more competition out there for jobs with all the recent secular radio layoffs?

I can't help but think there is. But I believe there has been a greater level of competition in my line of work since the advent of the home studio.


7. What advice to others (or something you've learned) during this time?

Stay hopeful, save some money for times like this, learn to conserve. Stay active in church/small group. Pray a lot. Lean on God more than ever.

Speak to Him honestly. I do, and that's when I'm learning that things seem to happen.


8. Have you considered changing professions?

Sure. Everyday. But once I REALLY think about digging ditches, sweeping floors, or flipping burgers, I forget that thought.


9. What qualities do you offer and set you apart from others in your position?

I've been privileged to work with some radio and production greats throughout my career, and learn from some of the best in the business. It's made for a well-rounded experience in radio, production and creative services. I believe that is insight that can't be learned from a book.


10. Where do you see Frank Scales in 5 years?

Gainfully employed, thriving, and helping others to do the same. Or signing copies of my new book "Digging Ditches, Sweeping Floors, and Flipping Burgers"!




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