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Radio Interview

Ty McFarland

Program Director



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Ty's Career Capsule
KTSY/Boise, ID. WGTS/Washington, DC (twice), KTFY/Twin Falls, ID. K-LOVE and now at KSBJ.

1. What were your first thoughts when you got the news you were hired as KSBJ PD?

Can I get a “frequent-mover” discount from Penske? This whole last year has been just the latest chapter in an unexpected journey. In January, my friend and boss, John Konrad, GM at WGTS 91.9/Washington, passed away. It became clear through prayer and through events following that, that God was putting our family in Houston, and so I felt, (and still feel) a great deal of peace about it.  


2. What were your initial thoughts after arriving in Houston?

Thank God for air-conditioning. I was also more than a little curious about what the area was like because I was born in Houston (Pasadena) and our family moved away when I was still a baby, so even though I’m a native Houstonian, I’m brand new to the Houston experience.


3. What if any changes have you implemented since you've been at KSBJ?

KSBJ has always had its eye on the ball in terms of serving Houstonians, and the last several years of growth for KSBJ have been due to consistently focusing on listeners.  

One change I’m excited about is our new morning show with Bill Maier and Coppelia Acevedo. They’re both pro’s and talented at building friendships with listeners. I’m really looking forward to watching their show, and all of our other shows, develop creatively.   


4. Why do you think KSBJ has not had a direct competitor?

KSBJ competes with every station, and everything in Houston that competes for our listener’s time and attention. As far as a direct, in-format, competitor, I’d say we have a different outlook. When Chris Tomlin releases a new record, it’s no big deal to Matthew West or Jeremy Camp. They’re not viewing it from the standpoint of competition, because they’re looking at a bigger picture.

I’ve worked side-by-side with the Air1 team, in Rocklin, at EMF, and now I’m working here at KSBJ, and I know from firsthand experience at both stations that God is doing amazing things through both ministries.

Here’s what I’d say to anybody in our industry who has another Christian station in town.

The other Christian radio station is probably the least of your worries. Worry about yourself and what you can control. Don’t ever give your possibilities for success over to anything outside yourself or your station. You hold the responsibility. Your product can be great, and it can compete. Don’t make excuses. You should hold yourself accountable. At the end of the day, you should thank God for your competitors because they are either stepping up to fill a gap which you haven’t (for whatever reason), or they are making you better.


5. Describe the sense of community at KSBJ?

Houston in general is a pretty friendly, warm place, and KSBJ definitely fits that mold. I really love working with my co-workers. They are an encouragement to me every day.


6. What are the biggest obstacles facing KSBJ?

Making sure that our agendas start and end with our listeners.

That, and making sure we don’t ever settle. We always need to be working on KSBJ 2.0. If we’re not consistently challenging ourselves, it’s possible to get comfortable and complacent. We can end up settling for just good, when we could’ve had great.


7. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

Hot 95-9 in Orlando, NGEN, IHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, K-LOVE. I also love what Steve Sunshine and Matt Stockman are doing in Austin and Seattle.


8. Where do you see KSBJ radio in 5 years?

I hope that we just show up, and are available. I hope we’re not “doing great things for God” but that we’re open and obedient to whatever God has planned, so that he can do whatever he wants to through us.   



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