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Radio Interview

TJ Jackson

Listener & Community Engagement Director


Kansas City


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TJ's Career Capsule
Ive worked in Christian radio in Kansas City for 10 years.  Im also a sportscaster for the University of Missouri Kansas City.

1. Tell us about KJNW and your role there ?

KJNW is the local 24 hour all music AC Christian station in Kansas City. Im the listener & community engagement director for Life 88.5. My job is to keep Life 88.5 connected to the community through events and outreach projects.


2. How are you marketing the new station name to KC?

One of the most important things is to get in front of as many people as possible. We absolutely hit the ground running once Life 88.5 hit the air we jumped at the chance to get into the community. Were also currently on our second billboard campaign in addition to mailers and ads on search engine sites. Plus we have an exclusive launch concert coming with Steven Curtis Chapman on Oct 20.


3. Tell us about your experience when you first arrived at KJNW?

Well I transitioned to KJNW from the former KLJC station so I was fortunate to not have to move. We did move into brand new studios which was a tremendous upgrade from the old Army barracks (no seriously) the former station broadcasted from.


4. What are the best variables that make a KJNW promotion?

For us its all about being local. As the local station there are so many things that we can do to serve our listeners that others cant. Were very intentional about finding ways to also serve the local church in their mission. Weve had great success promoting things like VBS, trunk & treats in addition to great concerts. Something else that Im excited about coming in the next 6 months are opportunities to serve side by side with our listeners. That is why local radio is the best because the connection listeners feel with our personalities can actually be lived out 365 days a year.


5. Where will future Christian radio air talent come from?

Anywhere. Great communicators come in various forms.


6. What is your most memorable KJNW promotion so far?

It actually just kicked off Oct 7 and its called I Dream KC. We launched our second billboard campaign asking the people of Kansas City to share what their dreams are for KC. By having people share their dreams with us it helps us to tailor outreaches in our community and gives us a better idea of how to serve Kansas City.


7. Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

One of the biggest obstacles is lack of staff members. At so many stations there is one person who is the morning show host, PD, webmaster & helps with events. Its takes incredible time management to make the different phases of radio work together and when staffs are stretched thin it makes it difficult to produce a solid product.


8. There are still some big markets without a CCM station, why do you think that is?

Radio is expensive especially in large markets. I think that you have to be extremely smart and have a detailed plan to go into a big market to make a difference especially if network stations are there.


9. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

Two really stand out in my mind. The first is KTIS. Theyve been doing it for so long and are very strategic in how radio needs to be done. Great focus on impacting the community. The other station is KSBJ. Not only are they great doing what they do but they share that knowledge with other stations through a mentor program.


10. Where do you see Christian Radio in the next 5 years?

Stronger than ever I hope. The biggest reason begin is more than ever people need to hear the message of hope that Christian music provides. There is no greater way to share that with people who are just trying to make it through the day. I think that some of the most important things God will do through Christian radio are still to come.


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