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Radio Interview

Mike Dorsey

Director of Community Relations



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Mike's Career Capsule
I began my career in radio promotions as an intern at Wilks Broadcasting Columbus (WLVQ, WHOK, WNKK) in 2007. Those stations were very active promotionally at the time and  it didnít take long to realize that I truly enjoyed being all over the city, all of the time. In 2008 I accepted the Promotions Coordinator position at Wilks Broadcasting and enjoyed actually getting paid to do this stuff. I immediately went to work with our intern staff to keep the engine rolling at full steam. Fast forward once again and in 2009 I accepted the Promotions Director position at Wilks Broadcasting. Moving into the big chair was both exciting and challenging. Writing proposals, hiring and managing the intern staff, organizing major station events, and everything else that came along with the job definitely kept me on my toes with really no room for error. Being the Promotions Director at Wilks Broadcasting really allowed me to fine tune my skills, grow as a leader, and prepare me for my next step. After 3 years as the Promotions Director for Wilks Broadcasting I was given the opportunity to move across town to WCVO 104.9 the River at the end of 2011. I was very excited to make this move and am still excited to be here today.

1. How do you describe your role at WCVO?

I would describe my role at the River as a member of a team that puts an extraordinary amount of thought into every decision. I contribute my thoughts and opinions about events and promotions while referencing my experience in this market. I oversee our Community Relations Department and challenge members of our team to constantly be thinking of ways to be creative, innovative, and personable while out in the community.  


2. Has the economy affected WCVO in its promotional efforts?

The economy certainly has affected the promotional efforts of many stations across the country. I experienced the impact of a down economy during my time at Wilks Broadcasting. Yet, ever since I have been at the River my department truly has been blessed with amazing support for our efforts. The management at our station understands how important is it for our department to be out in the community establishing relationships with our listeners and introducing our brand to those who may not be familiar with it. We also have been blessed with amazing support from our donors who understand the goal of our station and the impact we are having in our community.


3. What do you think are the main characteristics of a Christian radio Promotion Director?

I think all Promotions Directors need to have characteristics such as  reliability, integrity, creativity, organization, vision, the ability to lead, and the courage to take risks. When working at a Christian station you share some of the same goals as every other radio station whether it be ratings,  donation goals, sales numbers etc. but the ultimate goal is sharing the message of Christ through the music we play. So I believe Promotions Directors at Christian stations should also have characteristics  that show Christís presence in their lives.


4. What criteria do you require for a promotion to air on your station?

 The majority of promotions that air on our station are generated in house. In order for those promotions and any other ones to be considered there are several criteria that we look at. First and foremost we see if a promotion is true to our brand or true to who we are as a station. We also look at things like how a promotion fits with our target demo, what is the goal of the promotion?, Is it client driven?, Is it people helping people?, Is it a ratings boost? We honestly dissect things until we canít dissect them anymore to allow ourselves to make the best decision for our station.


5. What type of promotions work best for WCVO?

One of  the core values of our station is to provide WOW experiences. So we have the most success when we can execute a promotion that allows us to personally connect with our listeners and have an impact in their lives. We want our listeners to know that we are thinking of them as an individual as opposed to the larger group of just  listeners. If we can visit them at work we do, if we can visit them at church we do, if we can visit them at school we do.


6. How do you think Christian Record labels can help Christian radio promotionally?

I think Christian record labels do a great job of providing  opportunities for listeners to experience artists in concert and establish relationships with the artists through unique opportunities like meet and greets.  When labels work with radio stations as partners on these promotions it brings everything full circle for a listener. Listeners  make a connection between the station, the artists that they play, and the faith that we all share. If I had to issue a challenge to record labels it would be the same one that I issue to myself which is: ALWAYS THINK BIGGER.  Mainstream radio stations, artists, and labels come up with some really cool experiences. I like to think anything they can do we can do better not because of who we are but because of who we serve.


7. What are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio promotion directors  today?

A few obstacles come to mind when I think about Christian Radio promotions. I feel the biggest obstacle sometimes can be ourselves and our unwillingness to take risks and be creative. In this field it is very easy to become complacent or take the easy, simple way out for a promotion. We all need to constantly challenge ourselves to think big and exciting for our stationís promotions.  We need to be willing to do the extra work required  to provide a WOW experience. As we look across this country and even in our own cities we see or hear about promotions that mainstream stations are doing. Some of them are not godly and we certainly donít want any part of those but some of them are BIG and our promotions can be BIG too for our listeners and our communities.


8. What do you believe is the primary role of the Christian radio air personality?

I see the role of Christian Radio air personalityís as just that. They are an on the go friend who can relate to the lifestyles of our listeners.  Our listeners can share triumphs and struggles with them, talk about humorous situations, and feel supported by them. When you look at new innovations like Pandora and other music streaming services they lack that personality. If DJís are simply just relaying song titles  they also lack personality.  Creating connections with listeners is the advantage that we have over Pandora and other streaming sites. Pandora canít take someone a gift at their work to say thanks for listening or allow someone to share a funny story about their kid on the phone and laugh with them. We can.


9. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as promotional innovators today?

 I enjoy checking out stationís like Spirit 105.3 in Seattle, KSBJ, and Z88.3 in Orlando who have put together some larger scale promotions and community events.    


10. Where do you see Christian radio in 5 years?

As mainstream radio continues to focus more and more on the mass; I feel Christian Radio can grow leaps and bounds  the next 5 years by focusing on the individual.     






















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