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Radio Interview

Jeff Evans

Program Director/afternoons



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Jeff's Career Capsule
I started my radio career in my hometown of Tyler, Texas and God blessed me with 25 years in the same market!  I most recently came from Townsquare Media in Tyler where I spend 20 years – working my way up through the ranks from evening jock to APD to PD and eventually Operations Manager for the 4-station cluster that included a rock, country, Mix and urban AC format. I also had a part-time/weekender position at KDMX – MIX 102.9 in Dallas back in 2003 when both the Tyler and Dallas markets were owned by Clear Channel. Now I’m at WAKW in Cincinnati! Who would have thought after 25 years in the same market that God would lead me this far away from home to follow His call!

1. Tell us about your role at WAKW?

I am the program director and afternoon encourager at STAR 93.3. I am really enjoying working with the team here at WAKW and look forward to the challenge of taking the station to the next level and being a part of changing even more lives for Christ.


2. What were your first impressions of the market after arriving in Cincinnati?

My family loves Cincinnati!  We immediately fell in love with the city after visiting for the first time. This market, of course, is very competitive. We have one of the strongest signals in the market and a heritage that helps us stand out above some of the others in the market. However, my boys are having a hard time transitioning from Texas Ranger fans to Cincinnati Reds fans!


3. What changes have you implemented since you've been at WAKW?

I immediately began adding more personality on the station. We have to make an emotional connection with our listeners. One of our sweepers says “living life right along side of you” We can’t “live life” with them if we are just a juke box, therefore I gave the staff freedom to have a personality. They are also encouraged to have callers on the air – something that previously had been frowned upon on the station. I’m also working hard to get us more involved in the community. We are the local Christian station in town and we’ve got to serve our listeners and meet them where they live, work and play!


4. What attracted you to Christian radio?

For the past 2 and a half years I have felt a strong urging from God to make the transition to use the gifts He has blessed me with to serve Him in Christian radio. He has blessed my transition and my family’s move to Ohio from the very beginning. He has not only opened every door that needed to be opened, but he has literally flung the door open and laid down a red carpet. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that God has me and my family in Cincinnati for a reason.


5. What are the some things you learned in secular radio that also apply to Christian radio?

Basic programming do’s and don’ts. A tight, well researched playlist. A quick, well thought out break on the air. Making a connection with the audience through imaging, promotions, etc. The radio basics are the same.


6. What is the one promotion you're most proud of at WAKW?

We did a Pastor Appreciation Breakfast in October that I was proud to be a part of. I felt it was an honor to serve these me and women who are in the trenches at our local church’s ministering to our community. We also had a really exciting time for moms and their pre-teen daughters to come together and worship through the Secret Keeper Girl tour. It encouraged me to hear stories after the event from moms who connected with their daughters on a spiritual level.


7. In your opinion what are the biggest obstacles facing WAKW?

Financially we are really tight. There is so much that I want to do, but it all takes money to get it done. For example, we are in desperate need for a new station van, but we do not have the funds available to replace it at this time. One thing I am convinced of, God will provide and his timing is perfect!


8. Complete this sentence, the most important element of WAKW is _________?

I would say community. We are a heritage signal in this market. We have been a place for people to turn to for encouragement years.  We want to take that and improve upon it. I want to weave our station into the fabric of the community even more!


9. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

Tyler is just outside of Dallas, so I naturally love KLTY. I also have to say Z in Orlando and SPIRIT in Austin is knocking it out of the park! I must give props to the team at KVNE in Tyler. Mike Harper and Troy Kriechbaum have that station sounding like a major market station. They were both also helpful in mentoring me on making the transition to Christian radio from mainstream.


10. Where do you see WAKW in 5 years?

I’ve had many people in the business tell me that WAKW has more potential than any other CCM station in the country. That excites me!  I’m glad to be leading the charge! We have some big goals set. We want to be top 5 in demo and top 10 P6+. It is going to take lots of hard work, but I’m excited for the future of this radio station.



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