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Linda's Career Capsule
I began my broadcasting career at KSKG in Salina, KS as a part time employee my Senior year in High School.  While in college at Emporia State University, I worked part time at KEGS.  After moving home (back to Salina) I worked part time at KYEZ (KY94) until I attained a full time position at KLWN/KLZR in Lawrence, KS, as a Mid-Day Host.  I left KLWN/KLZR just after I married my best friend and the love of my life, who is now my Pastor as well.  A few years later I worked for a short period of time at WENS in Indianapolis but soon discovered that my family time was more important.  Before I knew it, years had passed.  Our three wonderful kids were older and God was nudging me back into the business, but I knew that I wanted to leave secular radio behind.  I began to search for the place He wanted me, and have been with Great Plains Christian Radio for four years now as the Office Manager/Announcer and now as Music Director/Operations for KJIL East.  I also Voice Track for our sister station in Meade, KS.  I feel very blessed to be part of a team that feels more like family.  God is good... everyone should love what they do! 


1. Tell us about any recent changes at KJIL (bring us up to date)?

This last year Great Plains Christian Radio has seen a lot of changes.  Long time Morning Show Host Michael Luskey has taken the reigns as CEO/President, Jennifer Pooler has joined our staff at KJIL East (KJRL) and I have recently shifted gears from Office Manager to Operations Manager.  It’s an exciting time as we prayerfully follow the path that God has for us!


2. Describe your local/regional market?

KJIL East (KJRL) covers much of the Heartland and this year we are growing with a new full power signal going into Manhattan, KS this Fall! 



3. How is KJIL touching the listeners?

Every program we air and every song we play has the potential to encourage, to educate, to open up a conversation, to change someone’s life and help them draw closer or to redirect their focus throughout the day on the One True God.  Our Mission Statement at GPCR comes from Matthew 18:19-20 and “aims to encourage, inspire, inform, instruct, challenge and entertain believers.  Its aim is to accomplish this goal through a balanced and appealing radio program service”.


4. How do you and staff keep spiritually motivated?

Each morning around 10:30 you will find the KJIL East Staff gathering for prayer time.  We pray for our listeners, for our Underwriters, for our churches, for our co-workers, for other stations and their staff… well, you get the picture... come join us sometime!


5. Where do you find new talent for your station?

I believe God has sent new talent our way.  I think most of us have left the secular world of broadcasting in search of something more… a place that we’ve been called to that allows us to serve Him first.


6. What promotions/connections work best for KJIL?

Each year KJIL is a Relay Center for Operation Christmas Child and that keeps us involved in many ways all year, and throughout our listening area.  Social Networking is high on our priority list with Facebook and Twitter account.  One of my favorite ways to connect is through our daily devotional that we send out quarterly.  The Devotional helps us to connect not only on the air but with encouragement in our listeners walk with God in written form as well.  We also have a Pastor’s Brunch once a month with area Pastors joining us for a time of encouragement, community and prayer.  This year we are starting a new relationship with Relay for Life and looking for other ways to connect more frequently with the communities we serve.


7. Generally speaking to the industry what are the biggest obstacles facing Christian radio today?

It seems to me that we are losing a generation of givers… folks that see a need and want to fill it.  Those that have been taught that tithing is important and that giving above and beyond to help fill the needs of others is what we should do because we care.  I see a lot of “entitlement” in our world today and hope that we can make a difference before we no longer have a Pregnancy Service Center, a Relay for Life, Operation Christmas Child or a Non-profit Radio Station that serves Him first in hopes of changing a life for eternity.  I’d like to think that we can all make a difference!


8. What (if any) Christian radio stations do you consider as innovators today?

I’ve “scanned the dial a time or two” and I believe that every CCM Station has a niche to call their own.  I think you will find that it’s the gifts that God has given each staff member that gives them the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those they serve.


9. Where do you see Linda Emig in 5 years?

You never know what God has in store for you, however, I do hope that He allows me to continue serving Him from right here at KJIL! 




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