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Jayar Reeves

The Hot Button Scale





Besides oral communication skills… a major part of an air personality’s job is choosing content that will cause the most amounts of listeners to become engaged.

I decided to make a list below of potential content as it relates to Christian radio listeners of all ages and genders.

10 given to something EVERYONE relates with.

1 given to something a tiny sect of the audience relates with.

I have no facts. Simply personal guess based on my life experience and world around me.
Which is exactly what the jock must do on a daily basis… We make content decisions daily based on what we think the audience will be engaged with.
(remember this is if you polled men /women /teens /old /young /poor /rich)
Big TV shows like American Idol/ Dancing with the Stars- 5 or 6
Decently rated TV shows like CSI/Mentalist/ Sitcoms- 3 or 4
Fringe TV shows like Tanked/Inked/Cup Cake Wars – 1
Interact with children – 7 or 8
Interact with a spouse/mate- 8
Interact with the opposite sex- 10
Travel to a store and interact with strangers- 10
Interact with humans at a place of employment- 8 or 9
Think about celebrities -1

Think about and acknowledge weather- 10
Watch sports a couple times a week – 2
Eat food- 10
Care about health- 9
Care about scripture- 9
Are intrigued with zany radio ‘bits’ (when done well)- 8
Care about a conversation with an artist on the playlist- 6
Aging – 9
Things from the their ERA (70’s 80’s 90’s ect) – 7 or 8
Reminisce about ones youth- 8
Went to school at one point- 10
Politics- 5
Engage animals daily- 5
Dating (married or not)- 8 or 9
Care about saving money- 9
Have to pay taxes- 10 (hopefully)
Think about a vacation- 8
Think about the weekend (locally) – 9 or 10
World news- 5
Exercise (or wish they did) – 8
Have or currently attend a corporate church service- 10

Obviously these are my own assessments and your numbers are going to be very different.
But in general we’ll mostly agree on the 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s… maybe my and our shows should be fixated on those topics and we should spend a giant chunk of our time cultivating ways to get those 8’s, 9’s and 10’s into our prep as much as possible!



Jayar is the afternoon personality at THE JOYFM Network- Since January 2008/Tampa-St. Pete-Sarasota-Clearwater-Gainesville... Previously- Total Axxess – Nashville... Way FM Network- Afternoons... MAGIC 93.1 Boise- Morning host... AIR 1 - Evenings ... KISS 106.1 Seattle... STAR 101.5 Seattle