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Jayar Reeves

The Hat Trick





Iíve been going to ball parks since I was a baby and I donít think Iíve every successfully won the hat trick game on the jumbo-tron. Once it goes into hyper mode Iím lost! I ended up cheating off an 8 year old stranger a few rows down and I throw up  1, 2, or 3 fingers.

Radioís become the hat trick!

Anyone remember getting hired to do an air shift and the hours of your air shift was all that was listed as your responsibilities  for the compensation.  

That was me working in a sky tickler in downtown Seattle. You pay me this $ for these hours on air. Done deal. Sign it. Do the work.

Radio has changedÖ itís now become the hat trick.

Between my phone calls with my Creative Cardio partner Scott Herrold, my boss Carmen Brown, and loads of other jock/pd/prod guys around the countryÖ we got more hats than Toby Macís walk in closet!

SoÖ what now?


The past years I found myself consumed by the hat trick.

This winter Iíve slowly gotten myself to the place where I have created a stone tablet Moses type memo to myself.

Hereís the structure of this laminated document I made for myself.


GOD, Wife, Kids, JOYFM Tampa, JOYFM Atlanta, Creative, Health/Running


The above has got to become part of the daily lifeÖ no arguments allowed in the head.

Unfortunately thereís more hats to be squared withÖ here comes the trick!

Its finding places in the week for the other hats

Somehow my work with a film company, small record label, and 2 other radio stations must find homes.

Iíve had to get creative and space them out.

Its my goal for the spring to stick to this regiment.

If I can do itÖ Saturday and Sunday belong to my family, yard work, church, and REST


I am convinced that mastering the hat trick involves prayer, an organized day planner, discipline, and REST!!!



Jayar is the afternoon personality at THE JOYFM Network- Since January 2008/Tampa-St. Pete-Sarasota-Clearwater-Gainesville... Previously- Total Axxess Ė Nashville... Way FM Network- Afternoons... MAGIC 93.1 Boise- Morning host... AIR 1 - Evenings ... KISS 106.1 Seattle... STAR 101.5 Seattle