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Jayar Reeves

Giving Colors To Content





I’ve never understood those security colors at the airport… but let’s give colors to content for a second to show a connection between target audience and the content.

You’ll notice on Facebook that your thread about being at the new Hobbit movie will get you a few replies. But we’ve all had that moment where we stare at a post wondering how every person in our friend list seemed to respond.  “Gave my kid 5 bucks for losing a tooth tonight. Is that normal?”

I think it happens on the air for jocks. It happens for comedians, and it happens for song writers.

Every comedian has probably given at least 5 minutes of a show at some point to the experience of flying and going through airport security. People connect with it. All comedians do a bit on how both genders responded during an argument. It always gets a response from the crowd.

Jocks are in the ‘getting a response  from the crowd business’

So lets give them colors:

Red- subjects the audience is 100% engaged with and they end up talking about it at work. They might just call a radio station for the first time ever! (but probably won’t)

Orange- Subjects/bits/topics that had them telling the kids to hush up for a second so they could hear this… but they may not remember the bit in a month.

Yellow- Everything else you did when the song stopped that the listener will probably not remember in an hour if they even heard it over a child getting grumpy in the back of the mini van.

As a jock we are like lions thirsty for a gazelle from the moment our eyes wake! That gazelle is the Red colored content!!!

·      Carry a note pad every where

·      Keep a note pad by your bed for those moments an idea pops into your head but you are too tired to get up and email yourself and if you don’t email yourself its gone by morning

·      Use phone/email whatever to electronically notate and send ideas to yourself

·      Print all the stuff you’ve been emailing yourself the past 24 hours.

·      Borrow someone else’s brilliant idea

I once heard Comedian Tim Hawkins say that he had a drawer full of ideas that were scribbled on napkins and post it notes and all kept in a drawer… He got upset with his wife when she cleaned it out and threw all of it away. He said, “in my line of work those were all currency! She threw away potential gold coins!”

Same with us.

Just for kicks and giggles, what are a few Red colored content subjects?

Medical scare

Date night

Date night with your kid


New life in the family

Saving money and am I able to do what you did?

Major life change/decision/New venture

Start of school /end of school

I’m hurt

We are moving

The check out line

Lost a bunch of weight

I am now dating X

X and I broke up

The 80’s and things our kids know nothing about


The Bible and when and how I read it

Like on Facebook… these are “Reds” and get you “likes” on the air. But those are only a few of them.

The others will come as your brain gets adjusted to looking for them in everything you do in your day, night and even in your sleep!


Jayar is the afternoon personality at THE JOYFM Network- Since January 2008/Tampa-St. Pete-Sarasota-Clearwater-Gainesville... Previously- Total Axxess – Nashville... Way FM Network- Afternoons... MAGIC 93.1 Boise- Morning host... AIR 1 - Evenings ... KISS 106.1 Seattle... STAR 101.5 Seattle