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David Palmer

Big Changes at Apple Mean
Big Changes To The Streaming Industry





Listeners to online and mobile streaming may have noticed some changes over the last few weeks.  Stations previously listened to on Apple systems are now either not on apps or not working on Macs or iPads.  This is due to Apple’s latest changes to its operating system.

First unveiled in June during Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, iOS 5 heralds more than 200 new user features and brings 1,500 new APIs.  It is designed to provide seamless integration with Apple's free iCloud service, replacing Apple's MobileMe offering.  The iCloud automatically syncs content on Apple servers for access across iOS devices including Macs and PCs.  Each day,  iCloud backup saves information from the user's iOS devices over Wi-Fi, storing updated content including purchased music, apps and books, as well as photos, videos, device settings and app data.  Additionally, Apple's App Store and iBookstore now download purchased iOS apps and books to all authorized devices, not just the unit on which they were purchased.

This all sounds great, at first glance, but what broadcasters are discovering is that if you are streaming WMA to apps or Apple devices, your stream is no longer working on those devices.  This is yet another example of Apple’s global war on Microsoft and any other operating system that might threaten their dominance.

Many attempts have been made to prevent these types of actions by Apple.  A class-action suit filed against Apple alleges the company unfairly uses technological restrictions with its iPod line and iTunes Music Store to beat out competitors.  The suit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, is the latest to accuse Apple of unfair business practices.  Apple is facing similar legal actions and scrutiny elsewhere in the U.S. and Europe. 

As we are all aware, you “can’t fight city hall.”  If cyberspace were a city, Steve Jobs would be the Mayor. So what should stations do?  AACplus is currently the most widely accepted streaming format for both PC and Mac users and is gaining popularity with app developers as a cross-platform format.  It is a format that Apple seems happy with as well.

There is another saying we are all very familiar with: “if given enough rope one would hang himself.”  Microsoft has sat by with the attitude that this iTunes fad will fade eventually.  Apple continuously improves its operating systems and this affects all areas of electronic media.  Even someone like me who was a die-hard PC fan, now has a Mac on my desk, an iPhone in my pocket and an iPad when I travel.


David Palmer is co-founder of With 20 years of internet experience, David has assisted ministries in taking their message global with the ever evolving world of technology. With over 500 Christian radio stations as clients, ChristianNetcast has be come a leader in streaming technologies. His goal is to see Christian broadcasters use every tool available, so that ministries can have an impact beyond their four walls and zip codes. As technologies have evolved, David has held the hand of many ministries as they have watched their church grow to include virtual congregations. His diverse experience as a Navy Veteran, ordained Minister and coach have made him a fun and informative speaker at Universities, high schools and Conventions. David has been featured on Fox News, 700 Club and TBN .


ChristianNetcast is the parent company of, CNC Technologies, MainstreamNetwork and NWR Network. was birthed in 1999, in what many would consider the most unlikely place to establish an internet company. While many internet startups were based in the Silicon Valley, was started in what used to be the lumber capital of the world, Bangor Maine. Todd VanTasel and David Palmer, founders of were attending a local church and saw the need to have the churches services broadcasted on the internet. When other ministries learned how the church was using this new streaming technology, they soon wanted to use the same type of tools for their church. The word about quickly spread and the company began to receive international recognition and was featured on television and radio programs such as Fox News, CBN, 700 Club and TBN. In 2006 the company moved its headquarters to Virginia Beach VA. currently serves over 500 ministries worldwide.